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The creation

Walter & Moretti has a long furniture and creation history which began in the mid 20th century. But it's in 1972 that the brand took its actual shape. The little furniture workshop became an international brand with its own production line in France. This jump into modernity was held by the technological progress of new materials, inspired by space conquest, the endless potential of aluminum and a desire of unalterable quality. Beside the 70's formal revolution, W&M invented a new durable, timeless style.

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We're excited to introduce brand new limited edition items and offer made-to-order exclusives. However, certain W&M classics have become vintage treasures, now only accessible at auction houses, where their rarity and timeless appeal attract eager collectors. Follow the link below to search for the W&M brand on the most exclusive auction platforms.

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Walter & Moretti is engaged in a temporal process since its creation. The brand is in a research of a futuristic vision of the 70s, whose formal resonance slips on the eras and expresses quality and timelessness. Our material - anodized aluminum - links and characterizes the collections. W&M calls a sober, yet elegant universe. The brand invokes presentism: here and now. The future and the past are on the same level, the now is only emotions. Our collections are the reflect of a natural luxury, but never ostentatious.

The calm lines and the purity of the shapes: this silky “skin” soften the light and brings the metal to life.

Walter & Moretti has been offering high-end anodized aluminum objects since 1972, an innovative aluminum treatment for the time and remained a high quality finish today. Anodized objects never deteriorate, do not oxidize and offer a state of surface and reflections that are always perfect. Aluminum is also infinitely reusable. Objects are mostly made in France, at the crossing between craftmanship and industry. Our shapes are simple in appearance but complex in execution: each piece of the collection is entirely crafted by a handful of highly qualified technicians in factories specializing in the shaping of aluminium. Each finished element is the result of the knowledge of a craftsman and a state-of-the-art machine. Each realization is precisely controlled.

Behind the brand: Olivier Oksman

Olivier was born in France and lives in Paris, where Walter & Moretti stands. He owns the company since 2014, designing new creations and running the production, mainly in France. Olivier is an interior architect and furniture designer. With W&M and as a designer, he collaborates with the greatest names in French design and decoration. Strengthened by his experience in furniture design, from sketching to production, he perpetuates the existence of this innovative and timeless historic brand. His moto as an object designer: doing my best to make the best use of the material. For W&M, his creations are still made in limited editions at the highest level of finish and technique, like it has always been.